Veggie Soup

It is cold and rainy here today. Sounds like a good day for a bowl of soup!

This is my version of an all time favorite of mine, the “free” soup from Weightwatchers. Years ago I started making this soup. My version is a little jazzed up and not exactly “free” because I choose to add a bean like cannelini or as today, butter beans. But really though, that is important only if you are in Weightwatchers. I would rather have it be a little more substantial. I also serve it with a hearty bread.

Another great thing about this soup is that it is pretty much fat free. The only fat is in the butter beans I used and that is really negligible. So…..

Veggie Soup
beanandveggiesoup 016
beanandveggiesoup 017

Chopped carrots
Using non stick spray, in a large saucepan heat the first three ingredients until softened. About 5-7 minutes. You will see from the photo that I use the baby carrots to cut and chopped garlic in a jar.
beanandveggiesoup 018

Beef Boulllion or beef broth(you could use vegetable bullion or broth for vegetarians)
Cole Slaw mix
Green beans
Tomato paste
Butter beans
Salt (optional)
Water if using boullion
Add all of these to the softened mix and bring to a boil. Simmer for about 15 minutes or until the green beans are softened.
beanandveggiesoup 020

Zucchini, cut into 1 inch pieces
Add this to the mix and heat for a few minutes.
finalveggiesoup 001

It is ready to serve!
finalveggiesoup 002
finalveggiesoup 003

How easy is that?
I know, I know, I didn’t give exact measurements. I literally just throw this together and taste it often to see what may be needed. I know I at least double the Weightwatcher recipe. Especially with the Basil and Oregano.

Hope everyone has been having a good week!