2014 Color of The Year

“Radiant Orchid” was chosen the Color Of the Year by Pantone. It is number 18-3224 shown as:

I have found several brands choosing this color, but each one has their own variation of it. One may have a little more blue in it, another may have more red. As long as you stay within this family of color you will be right in step with the times.

It is a glorious color, but one, I think, to be careful of just how much you use it in your home. Used as an accent is the way to go. Whether it be by throw pillows made in this color, maybe one wall in a dining room, or possibly using it in a powder room. I can picture a powder room in this color with some metallic freehand artwork on it. I think that would be outstanding.

Benjamin Moore is calling their Color Of The Year “Breath of fresh Air”, number 806. It is a very relaxing soft blue. Excellent I think if you are looking for a spa feel in your master bath. I think it would be great in a childs room as well.

The Color Of The Year chosen by Pittsburgh Paints is “Turning Oakleaf” number PPG 1107-3. A delightfully warm and inviting soft yellow. Definitely could be used in a baby’s room, but how about the kitchen? And I have had 2 clients that have used a yellow in their Great Rooms. It depends on your color scheme, of course, and, importantly, the lighting in your home. This true no matter what color you are interested in.

Maybe this is inspiring you to do a little decorating? Changing even one room can make an amazing difference. I say “Go For It”. I have always said that this is the perfect time of year to decorate. The winter can be so blah sometimes and what better way to perk things up than with color?

Have a great day everyone!