Anderson’s Japanese Gardens

Hi there!

A couple weeks ago I went to visit Anderson’s Japanese Gardens in Rockford. And enjoyed a great lunch in their new cafe with my sister. Besides the beauty of the gardens their new cafe was really nice and has a lot of windows to enjoy the view.

I’m not going to say much in this blog, I think I will let the pictures speak for themselves. I will say this, the gardens are serene and peaceful and beautiful.

Note the fairy statues:

This last one I found interesting. It is a faucet of sorts.

I’m going to make a point of going next year in the spring and capture everything in bloom

Have a good day!


groundcover 002
Stepables. Yes that’s what it is called. That much I know, but I have searched the internet looking for the name of this type of Stepable with no results. I am hoping that my botanist nephew, Chuck, can help me, but if any of you know the name in the meantime I would appreciate. It has bothered me for some time because people will ask what it is, and, I, not being much of a gardener, had thrown out the name of the plant when I planted it a few years back.
groundcover 001

So, what do I know about it? I do know that it bursts every spring with little purple flowers. And they are in mass too. As you can see from the photo it fills up with flowers in the small bed that I created.
groundcover 003

I also know that it is very low maintenance. For me that is crucial. :). Except for the first one or two years when I was devoted to watering it in order to get the roots to take hold, I have done very little. I know it needs thinning a bit every year. My form of thinning? I dig up a scoop here and there to give to people who want to start it in their own yards. It actually looks like divots in a golf course. Maybe that’s not such a great idea but the groundcover keeps on flowering and filling in every year.
groundcover 002

I feel like I was darn lucky when I came across this type while searching for plants in a large nursery down in Frankfort, Il.

I hope it continues to thrive and bring joy to those who see it.

Have a good weekend everyone!

P.S. I use a latex glove when painting and doing other odd jobs around the house. I have found them to be quite useful when working in the yards as well. You can get them at a pharmacy.
groundcover 001