Quinoa Mexican Dish

Have you tried quinoa yet? If not you may want to. It is an excellent source of nutrients and quite tasty. I came across a recipe on pinterest for it but I played with it and doctored it up a bit to suit my taste.
quinoa 001

Quinoa comes in bags the way rice does. It’s not exactly like rice but it is a grain and it has a mild flavor the way that rice does. It is at a good price for something this healthy for you. It cooks up about the same way that rice does too.

So after some thought these are the ingredients that I used and I think it’s delicious.

Quinoa (I make a cup (dry) when I make it)
Onion, chopped
Red pepper, chopped
Cheddar cheese (mild or sharp, whichever you prefer), shredded
One can of corn, drained
One can of black beans, rinsed and drained
Cayenne pepper

This basically gets layered in either a large bowl for several people, or, as I do, I make it into an individual bowl.

After cooking the quinoa according to the package directions, add a little chopped cilantro to it. Tip: I use my kitchen shears and just kind of trim off pieces.
quinoa 002

Begine layering. I started with the cheddar cheese. Next you add the onion and the red pepper. You will notice from the photo I kind of split the bowl in half. You don’t have to, I thought it looked prettier.
quinoa 003
The cheese may start to melt as soon as it is layered on the quinoa.

Next thing is to heat up the black beans and the corn (separately).This is what I layer, again, splitting the bowl in half.

Sprinkle a little cayenne pepper on the top and it is ready to enjoy! Simple right?
quinoa 004

Isn’t it colorful?

I know, I know, I didn’t give exact measurements. Just give it a try and adjust to you or your family’s taste (especially with the onion and the cayenne pepper).

I really don’t know where this week went. This afternoon I am back to painting chairs. I woulod really like to have them done this weekend.

Have an enjoyable weekend. It’s suppose to be beautiful here.