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Welcome to dcartworkhome!

My name is Doris Clark and I invite you to join me as I present creative ideas, how tos, and recipes.

Art has always been a part of my life. My most vivid memory of it as a young girl is a drawing I made of Rumpilstilskin. It was a place where I could dream.

When my children were young I started taking classes in Tole and Decorative painting. I turned that into a small business, doing shows and teaching classes in my home. As time went on I went back to school starting with a creative writing class. Was that an eye opener! I decided then to take drawing classes at our local community college, culminating in my receiving a degree in Advertising, Design, and Illustration. I thought that I might try advertising as a career. Well, I tried it, and decided that sitting in a cubicle was not for me.

Wondering what to with all of the creativity inside, I happened to meet a woman who did decorative painting in homes and businesses. A light bulb went on and Decorative Artwork was born!

I work alot with color, of course, one of the first classes that I took was a Color Theory class. It is so very important to understand how color works. I may have known alot about color before, but I learned so much more from the exceptional instructor that taught the class. Color is the basis for it all, isn’t it? I will be touching base about color often in my posts, I hope that you enjoy them, and please comment or ask questions.

I hope you have enjoyed my little chat. My goal here is to present ideas, how tos, and recipes. Ideas such as how does one come up with just the right color, how to create a relief using paper mache, and how about Grandma’s Chili recipe?

Thank you for visiting and join me often.
Have a great day!

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