Decisions, Decisions! Or maybe just one big one. lol
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I haven’t been on for some time because I was making some changes in my life. And some of those changes brought me right back here. I hadn’t been painting much and for awhile I even told people that I wasn’t creating Decorative Artwork at all anymore. And I was happily proceeding on to other things. Started on a rather different path for myself and feeling pretty positive about it all. And then……..first one of my favorite clients called asking me to do a little something for her. Which quickly grew into a big something. Then a designer that I had met years ago had his client call me for some work. And they just happened to be building with a builder that I have known for some time. Well…….I wouldn’t turn down certain clients and working within the construction phase has always been a love of mine.

It all snowballed from there and now I have once again been pulled back into Decorative Artwork. I really didn’t think I would be making that decision but it’s not really the first time this has happened. Once before I had ventured off and been drawn back to the creative side.

So where am I at with it all right now? Well, besides the regular projects that come along I am preparing to help create an atmosphere in a new restaurant in the Schaumburg area. It is called Kouzina, which is Greek for kitchen. Construction has been delayed often and for a variety of reasons but My role will be coming up next week. Or so it looks at this point. The whole inside is being redone and I can tell you from what I see so far it will be awesome. Here are some before pictures that I have taken. You should be able to see how it is shaping up.

Mural wall –
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other areas
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new bar area
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It is becoming an upscale family Greek restaurant. And her selections for the decor are topnotch. So happy to be a part of it all and can’t wait until it’s finished.

Give it a few more weeks to be completed and then if you’re in Schaumburg, specifically the corner of Golf Road and Plum Grove Rd., stop in for lunch or maybe even better a nice family dinner.

Have a good day everyone!