Painted Brick Fireplace

Yes, I know, it has been awhile since I have been here. Life can get in the way sometimes, can’t it?

I have written on this subject on Facebook a while back but I think it worthwhile to give some details in case any of you are struggling with the decision to paint your old fireplace or not.

It is understandably daunting. And it is defitiely a commitment. But it can totally change the look of a room, as you will see. In this case the fireplace, (actually the mortar was the worse), was rather dated. And, well, replacing a fireplace can be quite expensive and very messy.

My client and I tried to keep an open mind. Their home is a remodel and they were making several changes at the time, so we wanted to stay open as far as how to progress.

First off I gave it a good cleaning, trying to get into all of the wholes and crevices. Putting down dropcloths to catch the dirt was well worth it.
CDeutsch1 002

My client wanted to soften what was heavy black mortar. My suggestion to her is that we but a medium brown glaze over the black mortar. Not straight paint. Straight paint will give you a painted look and it most likely wouldn’t look authentic. It was rather time consuming. When it was my turn to work on it I would give myself a certain number of rows to complete. As you can see from the photo it helped immensely.
CDeutsch1 003

This is a see through fireplace and this is the living room side. We did something really different on the dining room side. I will be taking final pictures tomorrow and posting them on Thursday. I think you will be amazed!

Have a good day! It’s beautiful here in northern Illinois!

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