Cavalcade 2014


cavalcade1 001
Ah, yes, parking. It comes back to me

Lately I have been spending alot of time working up sample boards for the cavalcade models of King’s Court Builders. I can tell you one thing from what I have learned so far. They will be spectacular!
cavalcade1 002

Took a ride to the site the other day and got a good reminder of a priority for the first day of working on the job site. That is to get a handle on the parking situation. The other subcontractors are really the priority at this point so I give them as much space as they need. Usually, and as is the case this year, parking is only permitted on one side of the street. I hope you can get a feel for the congestion, there are 6 homes going up after all. If not, I plan on going by tomorrow and if it’s not too busy there to do a walk through by myself. It really helps things fall into place for me if I walk it myself with floorplans in hand.
cavalcade1 004

The photos are of the street views and the front of one of the models. The other model had alot of activity going on so i decided it could wait until another day.

Hope you are enjoying the great weather that we have today! Hoping it is nice out where you are!

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