My Folk Artist Friend

I plan on spotlighting some friends who are in the arts and crafts movement. The first one is a dear friend that I have had since we were members in the West Chicago Mother’s Club back when our children were young. Our lives have gone through many changes and we lost touch and then we would touch base on occasion. The friendship has remained and we can pick up right where we left off. I think we all have someone like that in our lives.

Karen has always been a talented sewer. Years ago we did craft shows together and her items were always big sellers. Her work has shifted into folk art and it’s beautiful. When I went to her home to talk about posting her work I asked her how and when she took an interest in sewing. She told me of when she was in grade school her mother taught her how to sew. The way that she did so I find to be very interesting. Karen said that when she was in school her mom would give her simple shapes to “sew” without thread in the needle of the sewing machine. Karen started getting into sewing more when she began sewing clothing for her children. It then blossomed into her craftwork.

It was a cold and snowy afternoon when I got to Karen’s. After taking off my coat and scarf, and while waiting for a warm cup of coffee, I noticed a basket on the table with carrots in it. Surprise to me, Karen had made them!

Well, I was expecting rabbits…..and then she pulled out rabbits…

It was so enjoyable to spend the afternoon sharing ideas and techniques. We also shared some tips that we have come across. A great tip from Karen – to age her items instead of using a traditional tea staining, Karen uses instant coffee. 1cup of water to 1/4cup of instant coffee to be exact. She feels it gives a truer aged look.And I agree!

Thinking about how Karen learned to sew…it made me wonder how many young people are learning how to sew these days. Thinking of my grandson Charlie and how maybe it might be something we could work at when he visits. He is still young enough where he might be curious.

For more information on Karen’s folk art creations you can contact her at:

Karen’s work is also featured in a shop in Sandwich, IL, called The Rusty Rooster.

Have a great week everyone!

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