Sorry for the delay, I ended up having to go into work this morning. But here I am now and here goes….

I had tried knitting a few times over the years and never really got anywhere with it. I felt clumsy at it and very slow. This past fall I took it up again and it has taken hold I do believe. Everyone got something knitted for Christmas this year! lol. And sometimes it took a couple of tries to get it right. What got me started again was last year I had put on a few pounds. Not alot, but enough to make the pants be a little tighter. And, to be quite honest I was having a hard time staying away from snacking or “grazing”. I saw where, it was either JoAnne’s or Michaels had yarn on sale and I took interest in it once again. I will tell you that it definitely keeps the hands busy! And it keeps your mind occupied and off food. So, without even trying anything else, I have taken 3 lbs off. Not quite halfway to where I want to be, but I am tickled about it. There is another thing good about it, I found. Keeping your mind busy helps your mind stay in shape. My daughter has been one to suggest different ways to do that. Be it crossword puzzles, computer games, or memorization. I think I’ll do the knitting more than the others. I am exercising my brain without any real effort.

So…..I have found a few websites that offer free patterns and have found yarn to be not that expensive, which helps when you are trying something new. There are many free patterns in different styles. However, I found one on of a little doll. It cost $4.22. I looked at it at first and thought “No way.” Then I noticed it said it was a beginners pattern. Okay, so I looked at it again and thought “Well, maybe if I take my time.” Once I started on it, it went rather quickly,(and I am still rather slow at it). I felt that she needed a blanket to go with it, so I knitted one it the very simple garter stitch, and behold, there she was!


Don’t you think she would be a great little gift for a 1 or 2 year old? Shhhhh…..don’t tell.

There is something else I found……kitties love yarn and knitted things. I found some fuzzy yarn and knitted, once again, in a very simple stitch, a little blanket for Molly. She loves laying on it. It looks like this:

I made a pair of yoga socks for my daughter, Janet, out of wool. She posted a picture of her cat, Renee, laying on them.

I am having difficulty getting a link to work to get you right to the pattern, but I will try again in a bit.
For now, I hope you all are having a good day, and if you are going to be hit with another storm the way we are suppose to, stay safe.
Let’s try this link again:
The little doll pattern is called Snuggle Dolly and I found her at
I think she has been worth it!

4 thoughts on “Knitting

  1. I love to knit, I am the best at scarves, I have trouble learning new stitches and reading patterns. Though with YouTube, I am going to try an infinity scarf. I will let you know how it goes.

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